Your Website

  1. Website Goal.

    We will sit down together to decide exactly what your ideas are for your website, outline your goals, and what the purpose is for your website.
    Some choices are:
    a. 1 page Landing Page. A page that has a form on it and lets you capture a visitor’s information also called “leads”.
    b. Custom Blog designed just for you;
    c.  Business website;
    d.  Personal website;
    e.  Website Support;
    f.  White Label is taking something and rebranding it as your own. For example, paying someone else to build your website and display it under your name;

  2. Dozens of templates.

    You will have the choice of dozens of templates for your website. You will be able to choose your own design and colors.

  3. Plug-ins to work with the site.

    We will determine what the best plug-ins are for your website and whether they should be free or paid. These can include plug-ins for SEO, SSL, among many.

  4. Work with all devices.

    Nowadays it seems everyone is on one device or another. And because they are all different sizes the website has to be responsive. A good responsive website will adjust itself based on the resolution of the device and the devices yet to be created.

  5. Update Your Website.

    You will have the choice of:
    a) Learning to do all of the updates for your website and there will be a charge which will be determined before the job has begun or b) you will decide that Karie Roper Web Creations will do the monthly maintenance and there will be a monthly charge which will be determined before the job is started.

  6. Website Template Packages.

    Many to choose from.