20 years ago I developed a website mall with my father. We used Microsoft FrontPage and I did a lot of coding with HTML. Now with WordPress FrontPage is no longer an option. Instead of using that builder I now use Divi Theme Builder by elegant Themes.

After you decide you need a website, there are many things that must be planned.  The written contents, media, photos, and any other items you want on the website. This is your baby. Unless you have a copywriter on staff or hire one it is best to do this yourself.

Make sure to have professional photos and prices ready.  You must always have a  professional photo of yourself. People like to see who they are dealing with.

In addition to the written contents, photos, and media a domain will have to be decided and purchased if you do not have it already.

A host will have to be chosen for your website. There are many different ones and come at various prices. This is basically the company that will “Host” or keeps your website on their system. Each hosting company has a lot of extras such as using WordPress or another CMS, SEO, SSL, etc. You need to go over each thing that they have before you decide on which one you will go with.


Divi Theme Builder is a theme developed, supported, and promoted by elegant Themes. It is one of the most used theme builders in the design area for WordPress and also customize the entire website.

WordPress is an Open-source Content Management System used on 75 million websites. WordPress began as a blogging platform and now it has developed into a complete website platform.

Optimizing a website uses different tools such as SEO, SSL, checking backlinks, compressing images, and more. It also drives traffic to your website among other things.

More Services

Web Design

You can build your website yourself or you can hire someone to do it. A web developer can range in various price ranges.

Domain & Hosting

A Domain name will have to be purchased for the website and a hosting company for the website to be on.


Theme Builder

There are many theme builders today. Using one will let you change more than is possible using WordPress and a lot easier.


The Domain is the website identifier or the name of the website.  It can be your name, your company, or brand and it is how you will be known and how people may find you.

The name will have to be registered and you can do this with many companies. A few are GoDaddy, Network Solutions,, and can start around $5.00. Or you might be able to get it through your host.

You will also require a hosting company unless you are able to host it yourself. Most can’t do that so be sure and look over all of the companies. There are many to choose from and have different options and prices.


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