Dictionary version: “the methods used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site: The first step in SEO is to generate keywords that are relevant to your site’s content.”

In other words, your clients and prospective clients need to find you and that is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes in.



A Keyword or keywords are the basis of search engine optimization.  Without keywords, it would be very difficult to find the website you were looking for.

A web developer will determine the keywords for their site and they will add them. When a person enters one of the keywords that was added there is a chance the site will come up. That is if the website is high enough in the rankings.

 Someone may put in a “Keyword” such as dog food and it will bring up websites such as Pet Smart, Best Dry Dog Food, Hillpet.com, Petco, etc.



Responsive website design (RWD) enables site designers to create once and publish the same content everywhere, for all devices.

What this means is for a website to be created and to automatically adjust to any screen, whether it is a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a cell phone.  This also consists of a mixture of grids, flexible images, layouts, CSS.