Keywords are important to the success of a website. Select words that others are looking for. A keyword is a word that a user types into the search bar to find the information they are looking for. This is the word that will bring the search results. Be as specific with the words as possible.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are a phrase of more than three words and will bring even more success to your website. Instead of “RV” or even “RV park” try putting in several words “RV park long-termed parking”. More than one word will give you better results. Or if your website sells products like TVs and you sell only Samsung Tizen OS it is better to include Samsung and TIZEN OS as a Longtail keyword. If you just put in “TV” or even “Samsung TV” that will bring a lot of results that do not help.

Each business runs its website. They should all be optimized specifically for each one. And what are your goals? What are you selling? Who are your prospective customers? Knowing these things will help you decide on your keywords.

Adding Keywords

There are several places to add keywords and long-tail keywords. These are the Tags such as Title Tag, ALT images tags, H1 tags, and to add them to the front of the sentence or in a paragraph. It is also very important to remember that only 2 of the same keywords be on a page.


To rank in the search engines, it is essential to use keywords relevant to your topic. If your business is for all kinds of perfumes, you would not want to use keywords such as mechanic, screwdriver, engine. 

Sit down and list all of the keywords is can think of that pertain to the website and keywords to each page.  It is also a good idea to go to other websites similar to yours and look at their keywords and long-tail keywords.

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