What are your hobbies? Drawing? Crochet? Baking? Fishing? They are a great way to spend time. What do you do when you are not working? What do you plan to do when you retire? If you are not lucky enough to have the money to travel and are not close enough to visit with family then hobbies are a great way to go.


Once retired it is wonderful—in my opinion—to not have to fight the rat race every day. No traffic, people to deal with, be on the phone all day, or the stress. But without working what do you plan to do all day long? There are a lot of hours in the day and it is a lot more interesting to have things to occupy yourself.

Sometimes, unless you are very well-prepared money wise, retiring will bring more stress when the money dwindles. Some people may get or must get a part time job whether it is to make some extra well needed cash or for something to do. Even if part time that will leave time on your hands.

My father retired then got a part-time job to do both above and his hobby was leathercraft. He had a leather crafting business he did on the side. It started as a hobby, and he was talented enough to build it into a small business. He made things like golf bags, saddles, saddlebags for motorcycles and horses, purses, and more.

My uncle retired and was a fantastic woodcrafter. He could build anything out of wood. For example, wooden calendars, desks, large wooden reindeers for Christmas and more


So, do you plan to get a part-time job, or do you have hobbies you want to pursue? What do you like to do when not working? Do you like to bake, cook, sew, crochet…….? There are so many things that people can do as a leisure pursuit. Some of these you can also make money at.

It’s different for everyone. For me, I love working on my computer, designing websites, writing, and reading. I have recently started drawing after about 30 years. I can do the first 4 very well but I am just learning drawing again.

Then I used charcoal on drawing paper. Messy but I enjoyed it. Times have changed and now I use digital media. I have a 16-inch screen attached to my windows laptop and I also have an iPad. I use 3 drawing programs: Rebelle 4 and Artrage 6 with the laptop and Procreate and Artrage on my iPad.

All of them work great. I really enjoy drawing and I think I have gotten a little better, but I am not an artist. But hobbies are for enjoyment. Right? It would be great if I were good enough to sell my “art” but if that would even happen it will be a while.

If someone was interested in drawing not having the digital equipment is not necessary. A drawing pad and some pencils or charcoal and eraser would be all they would need to start.

My Umbrella Lady is one of my free-hand works from a picture online from Upsplash.

Tell Me About Your Hobbies

I am going to be posting some of my “art” on my website. I am interested in getting a dialogue going on what people like to do to relax. Whether retired, working, young, more mature let me know what you like to do. If you would like to post pictures send them along. Tell me how you created your masterpiece.

I hope to hear from you.