Divi Theme Builder

by elegant Themes

A Very Popular WordPress Theme Builder 

We can create a website to promote your service or product.

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I am one of many that now use the Divi Builder from elegant Themes

Below is some information about the designer of the Divi Theme Builder

Nick Roach

Founder & CEO of elegant Themes

Nick is the creator of Divi which was born when he was in college.  It has grown to a huge company with employees in over 20 countries.


Divi Theme Builder Affiliate Link

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Divi by elegant Themes

This is a theme builder that builds on top of WordPress. The builder has an interface where you work. You create the pages of your website, name it and then you can build it from scratch, use one of the dozens of themes that elegant Themes have created, pull in one of your own to reuse or you can go to an outside source such as Divi Express or Divi Life to name 2 and download dozens of more themes.

Then you go in and make the website your own. Add your written content, pictures, and video you can transform it into something that you can be proud of. It basically drags and drops and very advanced.

From the plugins section, you decide which plugins that you will need for things like SEO, SSL, email, etc. There are many settings to go through to set up your logo, menu, bring in graphics into your library, and more.

You can also add CSS to your website in Divi itself or you can create a child theme and add CSS to that.

It is also very important to make sure that your website is Responsive to all devices

There is the Divi Theme Builder and the Theme Builder.

  • Create Headers/Footers
  • Create a layout for a section, row or module
  • A Header/Footer can be excluded for certain pages
  • They can be Global (meaning for all pages such as making one header for all pages)
  • Make Product Page
  • Build theme layout templates to sell



If you are interested in building your own website and are looking to purchase the Divi Builder, please go through my link below.


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